“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Isn’t it a good thing Internet marketing doesn’t work that way? With conversion optimization, not only can you “lead the horse to water” (attract traffic to your site), you can also get those site visitors to purchase your product or services.

At Farin Innovations, we’re experts at converting web traffic to leads and sales.

We make the horse drink.

Our cutting-edge SEO strategies boost you high in search engine results. Then our conversion optimization team takes over, transforming your new influx of site visitors into measurable ROI.

What’s your website designed to do? Sell a product? Retrieve contact information? Get customers to fill out a form or questionnaire? Get in touch with the Farin team, and we’ll design a custom conversion optimization strategy that achieves your goals quickly.

How Does Conversion Optimization Work?

It’s all about the numbers. The Farin Innovations conversion optimization team employs high-tech testing strategies and analytics, honing and refining your site until it does exactly what you need it to do. We use sophisticated monitoring software to analyze how visitors interact with your website – then we use that data to run exhaustive split tests on site elements (design, content, images and links). What parts of your site do visitors click on most often? How long do they stay on certain pages? What demographic interacts with your site most frequently? The answers to these questions help us determine the best way to maximize your conversion rate. When we’ve found the combination that yields the most conversions, we sharpen that design even further and create the most effective site possible.

Some of our top techniques include:

  • Metrics analysis. Using state-of-the-art software, Farin Innovations monitors your stats 24/7. Who visited your site? When? Why? How often? Then we use that information to create a more targeted website.
  • Landing page optimization. What do your visitors see when they click through to your site? A compelling landing page can make the difference between a bounce and a lead. Our development team designs and split-tests multiple versions of your landing page, monitoring stats to discover which elements deliver consistently.
  • Sales optimization. For e-commerce sites, a smooth shopping experience (landing pages, checkout, payment) should be your #1 priority. Farin Innovations designs a seamless customer experience that increases your chance of closing sales.

Conversion Optimization Benefits

Conversion optimization maximizes ROI from the site visitors you already have. If your website gets 150 hits a day, your current conversion rate might be around 1% -- but a good conversion optimization strategy could boost your percentage of sales and leads 10% or more. The Farin Innovations team analyzes your current traffic and targets your site to appeal to the visitors you’re getting right now. Pair conversion optimization with an effective web marketing campaign that increases your site traffic, and you’re looking at a significant bottom line improvement.

Moreover, conversion optimization can actually increase your site traffic. Satisfied customers will spread the word, highlighting you in social media and linking to you via their own content platforms. Word gets around – and every conversion you make is a potential channel for other conversions down the road.

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