Farin Innovations Launches New Website

Published July 14th, 2014 by Farin Innovations

Farin Innovations, a Miami-based web design and development company, has launched their new, redesigned website, featuring an updated, responsive design and a new menu of offerings.

The site includes a streamlined, interactive interface, an updated portfolio segment and simpler contact forms.

“We wanted to make FI as simple, intuitive and appealing as the sites we design for our clients,” says Michael Farin, founder and CEO of Farin Innovations. “The goal was to give our visitors a taste of the awesome features they could have on their own site.”

The redesign went live on July 15.

Farin Innovations provides a complete range of design, development, management and maintenance services, including FICMS, the company’s proprietary content management system that allows users to edit their own site quickly and easily, no code required.

“Ease of use is a huge priority for us,” says Michael Farin. “We want our clients to love the intuitive feel of their site, and to be able to make it do anything they want to do.”

The company also offers a complete range of mobile design services, including app development.

Farin Innovations has been at the forefront of web design and development since the company’s launch in 1999. The company’s dedicated team has over 40 years of combined web experience, creating sites for clients across a wide range of industries from medicine to fashion and real estate.

The FI team also provides around the clock tech support and service, allowing clients to contact them instantly via phone, email or live chat.

“We’re always online,” Michael Farin says. “We make ourselves completely available to clients anytime they need us. That might be the number one reason we don’t have clients, we have ‘Raving Fans.’”

The Farin Innovations team partners with EndLayer, a premier managed hosting company, to provide fast, secure hosting for their clients. EndLayer servers are also fully managed and monitored 24/7, eliminating potential security or downtime issues.

EndLayer offers a number of hosting plans, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers for larger e-commerce sites, and fully-managed shared hosting for smaller sites.