FICMS: The Content Management System for The Rest of Us

Published August 26th, 2015 by Farin Innovations

FICMS: The Content Management System for The Rest of Us

Sometimes, you just want things to be simple.

Ever wanted to be able to edit your own website without dealing with the backend, or floundering through lines of code?

Farin Innovations’ proprietary CMS – called, surprise! FICMS – lets you do just that. We’ve designed it to provide an even easier alternative to WordPress. FICMS allows you to manipulate, edit and update content without entering the backend of the website. Just point and click on any image, text or hyperlink and you’ll be able to edit it right on the spot.

Think of it as an even simpler version of a WordPress-style content management system. You don’t have to go to the “admin panel” and fiddle around with editing features behind the scenes. Pull up your website, decide what you want to edit, and click on the content you want to change. That’s it.

Oh, and can we repeat: No code!

It really couldn’t be easier.

We’ve designed FICMS to be the simplest content management system you will ever encounter, because business owners often don’t have the time to deal with the intricate inner workings of a website. And yet sometimes, you just want to get in there and change something quickly.

To be honest, we’re happy about FICMS too, because it allows us to focus on the important issues of site management, rather than slowing down your site – and your business – while we dialogue about minor edits or updates.

No need to bother your development company about making a minor edit, and no stress over dealing with a complicated back-end. No trouble, no fuss. Just FICMS.

We like to keep it simple around here.

Want to know more about FICMS, or to implement it on your current website? Click here to contact us – we’re always online and happy to talk with you.