A Few Reasons Why Google Might Not Know You're There!

Published November 8th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

When you have an online business, one of the important elements to gaining new customers is to have a presence within Google’s search results.

But what if nothing comes up when you try some popular keywords in order to deliver your website?  There are many reasons for this, and you will need to take the necessary steps in order to ensure that when people do a search they are able to find your website and visit it if they choose.

1. Has Google been informed of your site?  If you haven’t submitted it yet, now is the perfect time to do so.  After all, a search engine can’t find something if it’s not there.  And don’t limit your site to just Google.  Many people still use – and even prefer – Yahoo, Bing, and even Ask.  When it comes to Google, a Webmaster Tools account is the easiest way to submit your site.  You can add it to the sitemap – a data file that includes all the addresses your website uses.  When search engines know about your site they’ll be more likely to bring it back to the results page.

2. Does your site include all the right X factors?  There are many things that search engines like Google tend to look at before bringing site results back to users.  If it doesn’t include certain factors, the engine will determine it’s not right for the person sitting at their computer and it won’t be one of the lucky few to be seen.  These factors can include proper coding, easy site navigation, overall appearance, do the Google “bots” know where to go, and proper tags (headers, images, etc.).

3. Do you have a credible site?  As above, Google uses a lot of factors to determine whether or not a site is legitimate or just a scammer site.  Does your site have a good reputation?  What is the bounce rate of a user?  That is, how long does a visitor stay on your site once he or she has landed there?  If the number is far too high, count yourself out because Google prefers to deliver sites that more people linger on.  It will determine for a user which sites are good enough for them to see.  The same can be said about back-links.  When there are links to your site on other pages and Google sees this, it gives your site additional credibility.

4. Are you updating?  When a site sits forever, it starts to stagnate.  Content is no longer fresh and can become outdated.  Likewise, if it includes keywords that were popular a year ago, chances are extremely high that these same keywords are no longer what will bring Google to your site.  Do you have any great company programs going on?  Do you keep a blog?  Do you include new and relevant articles and information?  Make sure to keep an eye on your site to make sure that it’s always up to date and ready to receive brand new customers.

By making sure all of the above are in place and you have proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) working for your site, you should see your site in Google’s results and in a ranking that you want.

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