Better Customer Service through Social Media

Published November 3rd, 2011 by Farin Innovations

Many times, big companies are slow to pick up on certain trends.  One quick look and they’ll decide it’s not for them, no matter how quickly the trend may evolve or how big it might possible become (as in more than a trend).  For a long time Facebook was ignored by everyone except college students because, after all, that was the target audience for Facebook.  If you didn’t have a college email address, you couldn’t get involved.

But Facebook has since grown much larger, expanded outside of the collegiate area, and has inspired others to craft social media sites.  No longer can this phenomenon be ignored.  In fact, it couldn’t be ignored several years ago!  Companies slow to pick up on the power of social media have already missed a gigantic marketing bus.  The ticket is free, and when you know what you’re doing social media can be a great tool.

Customer service is one of the many ways that social media has transformed the industry.  Where once a customer had to visit the store or make a telephone call (and likely be put on hold for a long while), they can now use the power of social media to ask questions.  Twitter posts questions in real time, and people can respond to them the second they open up their Twitter account.  A single tweet gives you your answer.  Certain companies have harnessed the power of things like Twitter and will respond ASAP to every question that comes their way.

Social media has become most useful when dealing with customer feedback on everything from company policy to product.  Earning feedback has never been so easy.  In fact, some companies don’t bother with television ads and instead rely solely on the powers of social media and other tools that provide them with the means to make themselves known and discover what it is consumers like or dislike.  Companies like Method know that it isn’t about sending a press kit anymore – every single consumer is now an editor, posting their own reviews within days of trying the product.

In years past, negative sentiment tended to spread faster than positive sentiment.  Easier to complain than to praise.  Today, it’s hard to say which is true.  People who may not have bothered to say anything about a company will gleefully post how much they enjoyed using an item, and everyone connected to their Facebook page will see it.

You can also use certain social media platforms to make important announcements (other retailers out of stock on an emergency item and you have it?  Let everyone know!) or offer great deals that last a limited time.  People desperate for help will get a quick update and flock to your store because you’re the one person who has exactly what they need.  They’ll remember you and relate the story to anyone, “Everyone was sold out, but Storage Place had it!  Thank goodness for them!”  Once again, everybody wins.

If you aren’t sure on how to best create a social media strategy, you can always hire outside help.  Professionals well versed on crafting the best social media strategy for your business can get things moving quickly and efficiently.

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