Bring Social Media Into Your Online Business

Published November 21st, 2011 by Farin Innovations

You could have the coolest website in the world, but without social media connected with it, you’re missing out on a great deal.  When people have the ability to share your site with others and interact with it easily, you’ll soon discover that it provides you with more customers and more potential sales.

The first thing is to ensure that you have a social media presence by crafting Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and so forth for yourself and your company.  This gives people more of an ability to see you for who you are and what your company stands for.  We live in an era of transparency where people feel more connected to ever not only to each other, but to the products they buy and the companies they are helping to support.

The goal is to allow people the ability to show others your site by liking or favoring it in some fashion.  Whether that means Following it with Twitter or Liking it with Facebook, when someone sees something she likes, her friend is likely to see it and if they like the same things, it won’t be long before she visits your site herself.  These and other options have a massive, widespread domino effect; even thinking of it on a small scale is staggering. 1 person likes something, 20 of their friends see it.  Assuming just 5 of those people click the link and they each have another 20 people viewing it, that means another 100 people will see your site.  Today, most people have well over 20 friends or followers, so the second someone likes your site or otherwise shares it, hundreds of people will see it in a short time.

It’s easy to get these little links and buttons too.  Every social media site offers them.  Place them in easy to see areas where people will be more than happy to click them.  Take this page, for example.  You’ve likely already seen a few buttons that you can click (and we’d be more than happy if you did so!).  People aren’t routed anywhere when the click them, either.  It is simply tallied and recorded for the page.

These buttons and links provide you with excellent marketing.  It’s free, easy, and hundreds and thousands of people will see it.  It’s exposure is instantaneous, effortless and amazing.  People can even showcase photos of them enjoying products or services (or just showing that they’re your fans) and they can appear in your Facebook Fan box.  There are so many great ways to personalize your Facebook page, all sorts of things you could post on Twitter, and great ways to get in touch with people who love your business and want to share it with others.  And it all starts with just a few tiny buttons.

If you don’t have any of these buttons on your site, it’s time to get some.  Choose the right places to include them, and then watch as people start to click them.  No one can afford to pass up this kind of great, simple marketing!

Don’t go about this strategy incorrectly. Consult with Farin Innovations – a Miami website design and website development company. We have been helping companies “go social” for years. Give us a call or send a quick message, and you’ll be on your way to building your business’ success!