Facebook: The Crux of Social Interaction

Published November 16th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

There’s a simple truth regarding Facebook:  It changed everything.

Even people who ardently dislike Facebook will admit that.  When you hear the number 800 million, you might think that it’s the population number of a few countries combined.  In fact, that is the number of active users on Facebook today.

Facebook has almost had the kind of impact as the telephone.  Just as the telephone gave people the ability to stay connected over long distances, Facebook has the ability to keep multiple people – hundreds, even thousands – connected at the same time.  Instead of a single phone call to catch up with a friend who may be on the other side of the globe, you simply have to visit his or her Facebook page to see what your friend has been up to.  You can find out what they like, other people they’ve been talking to, see pictures they’ve posted, and more.  You can share your life with others, and they share theirs in return.

Facebook has evolved over time.  It began as a way for college kids to stay connected.  Then it grew, expanded to encompass everyone, and the abilities it offered grew as well.  What was once a simple, fun site is now a place to hang out for hours, goofing around, checking messages from friends, seeing what your favorite businesses are up to (any good coupons today?), dropping a note to your co-workers, and so much more.

The use of Facebook has given people power over things like never before.  With the introduction of the Like button, people can showcase all the cool things that they like with all their friends.  Companies do what they can just to get a person to press that tiny little thumbs-up button.  The average Joe can try a product and then write a review that will be seen by hundreds of people within the next few days or even hours.

But Facebook isn’t stopping anytime soon.  The people behind all its innovations and ideas continue to think up new ways to give people the ability to interact.  From “Open Graph” and the use of a myriad of social apps, people will be able to know what’s happening all the time, any time someone decides to let everyone know.  What did you cook up for dinner?  Where did you go for your jog today?  Fast, detailed, and totally engaging, Facebook is like a virtual playground – or perhaps a virtual party – where everyone can hang out, trade tidbits of information, and that’s not the end of it.

You never know what Facebook might do next.  What app they’ll hook up with, what changes they might make to turn social interaction even more personal than before (is that possible?  Facebook thinks so!).  Social media is growing every day.  Facebook began the social media revolution, and has maintained its standing as one of the Goliaths among all the rest.  It’s changed how people talk to one another, how businesses handle marketing, and made the world more accessible than ever. In the years to come, Facebook will undoubtedly continue to pave the way for social media innovation and bring people bigger and better things.

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