Features That People Want to See On Your Website

Published December 7th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

These days you can’t just launch a website that looks good.  You need it to be functional.  You need it to be accessible to potential customers.  You need to give them reasons to look around, reasons to keep coming back, things that will keep them interested.  A website isn’t just a storefront anymore – it’s an excellent marketing method.

There are several things you should make sure to include on your site that will entice people and keep your company in their minds.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Social Media Access

By allowing your customers to view your company through the multitude of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, they’ll have an even easier way to help spread the word of whatever it is you sell or offer.  Provide buttons on your page for them to Like or Tweet about your business.  And don’t stop there, look at other potential social media sites that have relevance to your site and business.


Newsletters or other email lists that you can get potential customers to sign up to are an excellent way of keeping your site in their minds.  That’s because every now and then they’ll receive an update of some kind.  Whether you offer coupons, other discounts, or just fun tidbits about your business, when the person is reminded about your site, you never know when they might come back and make a purchase.

Contact Forms (the easy kind)!

Long forms that ask for too much information will make a visitor run like mad in the other direction.  Instead, use simple forms that take just a handful of seconds to fill out.  Only ask for information you absolutely need so people are more inclined to offer it.  Just need their email?  Just ask for that.  Intend to mail them physical coupons? Go ahead and ask for their name and address as well.  People balk at dishing out personal information – don’t give them a reason to shy away.

Upcoming Events

People interested in your business are likely to take a peek to see what you’re up to.  What are you company’s interests?  What events to you have that are worth recognizing?  Is it something worthwhile?  Something that would make your customers more enthusiastic about doing business with you?  Provide a calendar of events or a blog that is updated regularly and reminds people of upcoming events.  People like to feel connected personally to products and companies, so give them a way to do so by adding in social media outlets, the ability to comment or sign up for something.  Let them be a part of you!

Great Imagery

People love to look at images, especially when those images evoke positive emotions.  Whether you sell chocolate or offer lawn care services, provide people with quality photos that provide and insight into your business.  Show an image of you enjoying some of your own chocolate delights.  Show happy people at work making the treats.  Snap shots of owners happy with their trimmed green lawns and manicured bushes.  Why read about a positive experience when it’s possible to see it?

All these things will help bring your site to life and allow people to interact with it on a daily basis.  When they have a good time on your website, they’ll linger for a much longer time.  And the longer they stay, the more likely they are to make a purchase.  Even if they don’t, there is a good chance they’ll spread the word of the great new website they found!

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