Looking for a Positive First Impression for Your Website?

Published March 12th, 2012 by Farin Innovations

First impressions are always important. You wouldn’t go into a meeting with a wealthy client dressed in rags, would you? When it comes to business, making a good first impression is essential.

The problem is that many people don’t think of their website as part of the first impressions equation. They often believe that a site is not important when it comes to their business. They couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, a website is now the calling card for any business. When a customer is interested in purchasing something from you, they don’t turn to their friends and family for advice, they look to the internet. A search engine will then lead them to your website and, if your website doesn't make a positive first impression, you can bet they’ll find another site that does.

The problem is that a successful website isn't one that looks pretty, it has to make sense. It needs to be easy for customers to navigate and have all the information that they are looking for as well.

First, let's talk about how your site looks. Yes, while the way your site looks is not the only important factor, it is a very big factor when it comes to making sure that your website looks professional. If your website uses outdated graphics and images, potential clients are going to think that your company is not doing very well. People need to leave your company is high-quality and they also need to believe you care about your image. Look at any successful business website online you'll find that they have one thing in common: a very stylish and updated look.

Getting too complex is also a problem that many website developers have. Immature website developers like to use as many gadgets and gizmos as they can find on a site that they're building, simply because they think it's fun. In reality, however, adding to much to a site can actually make it look much cheaper, not to mention the fact that it will slow the site down. You want your clients to be able to locate the information they want without having to deal with all sorts of annoying scripts.

Another problem that many business owners have when it comes to their website is believing that they can design a site and then can leave it for five years without updating it. This is a definite no-no. Technology changes at the speed of light, and because it does, flexibility is a must with your site. If your website looks outdated, like it was designed five years ago, clients are, as we stated before, not going to have a very good visual of your company. If your website is more than a few years old, you should definitely think about updating it. Also, you should not have any broken links or pages that say that they are under construction. If you don't have any content for specific page, don't let the customer see it.

Creating a high-quality website, and creating a social media strategy, can definitely be confusing, especially if you have little to no knowledge about recent technology. That is why it is almost always a good idea to look for a media marketing expert company that can help you.

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