Making Your Business an iPad Haven

Published April 26th, 2012 by Farin Innovations

It seems as if the iPad is everywhere these days, and ensuring people can find your company every day with theirs is an absolute must. After all, you don’t see anyone grabbing the yellow pages to find a business these days.

Instead, they grab a seat, pick up their iPads, and let their fingers do the searching. Regardless of how they eventually find you, if an iPad user is searching for your company, it’s up to you to make sure your ducks are all in a row.

Is your site iPad friendly?

One of the first things you need to do is review your site itself. Most sites do work okay with the iPad, but make certain you’ve integrated an iPad stylesheet to ensure everything loads the way that it should. This will only work, though, if your site uses some of the most updated technology like AJAX and CSS. If you’re still using Flash, you can bet it won’t load quite right or not at all.

If your couch potato friend loads up your site on his iPad and it doesn’t function as it should, he’s headed to the next available business with an iPad friendly site, so getting your virtual house in order here could mean the difference between the next sale for you and the next business bankruptcy.

Is your site search engine friendly? People primarily use Google to search for sites. Bing and Yahoo are a close second. Whether your couch potato friend is using a desktop, a laptop, or his iPad, if your site isn’t coming up with the right industry terms in the search engine, you’re missing out on business. If you can’t hit page one, you can bet the other companies in your industry that are hitting page one are getting business that you aren’t.

Where’s your social media strategy? It’s equally important to take social media into account in this equation. These days, if people aren’t surfing the web, they may be checking in on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. What if they can’t find you there? Yep, they’re headed down the road. Building that social media presence is so important these days.

It helps people find you in a way you never thought possible, but it also ensures they get updates about your company, keeping them tapped into your wavelength. Worried that you’ll be spamming them constantly with updates? Don’t. You can talk about current events for your industry, tricks and tips, and much more. They’re far more likely to keep you in mind when they need your services if you’ve been helpful in the past.

Do you have any apps? Apps aren’t for everyone. In fact, if you simply provide a service to other companies, you probably don’t even need an app. What you may want to do, instead, is take part in some of the apps that are available. For example, imagine you run a bakery.

You probably don’t need to develop an app, but take part in some of the food-related apps that are out there. Get your customers to snap pics of your food and post them to Food Spotting. Get listed in Urban Spoon. Essentially, use other people’s apps to your own advantage.

There are many different ways to reach those iPad users as well as users of other tablets, and we can help.

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