Return Visitors? Yes, Please! Keep those Website Visitors Coming Back!

Published November 25th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

With the myriad ways to handle a website these days, people can easily let their websites fall by the wayside.  Either they don’t understand the proper marketing moves, don’t update it, or simply don’t realize that having a good-looking website isn’t enough.  One major thing you want when it comes to your site isn’t just bringing in new customers – it’s bringing people back again and again.

A lot of times people tend to forget this particular part of having a website.  People become so focused on the opposite end, they neglect to figure out ways to entice people to keep coming back.  But when you have people, whether they are customers or not, coming back to your site to look at new products, check up on what your business is doing in the community, and other things, it means they are interested and quite likely to become steadfast customers vested in your company.

So what are some of the things you can do in order to ensure people are interested?

Don’t let your website languish.

A stagnant site isn’t of interest to anybody.  A repeat visitor will arrive only to discover they’ve seen everything before and leave.  Today it’s all about fast, fresh, and now.  That doesn’t mean you have to update content every day, but it does mean you need to stay on top of things.  Let them see your newest products the moment you get them – or even before with previews.  Show them what your business is up to, promotions you intend to have.  Blogging is an excellent way of keeping people up to date with what’s going on, as are email newsletters, or even mobile text updates!

Include your customers.

People are all about interacting with the internet these days.  With sites like Twitter and Facebook, they like to be able to add things and find ways of being included in the sites.  Even email allows interaction.  If you can think of ways to let people interact with your site, there’s a better chance they’ll be happy to return.  There are all sorts of ways you can do this, such as letting them comment on blog posts, putting up a message board, giving them the chance to review products, and keeping up with things like Facebook updates and tweets to follow.

Incentives are always sweet.

Admit it; even you like to go get free things.  Who doesn’t?  And incentives don’t even have to be free things.  People like to save money, so coupons and discounts work just as well.  By offering customers (first time and return customers) a little something extra, they’ll be quite pleased to make a purchase.  If not, they’re likely to come back again to see what other offers you have in the works.  You can also help drive traffic to your site through offering online-only deals or goodies through social media.  Before you know it, your site will be bookmarked in browsers everywhere.

Current customers are good, new customers are excellent, but when you have people that keep coming back and keep coming back they begin to turn into something more than just a customer.  They turn into your advocate as well (as the people at Method would say) and that’s just what you want.

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