Should I Design My Own Logo?

Published May 30th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

What's more important to you? -- Saving a few bucks? .... OR ... Showcasing your company as a reputable and recognizable brand in your industry?

Even though you will probably save some money designing your own logo, you should definitely not design your own logo unless you are a highly qualified logo design professional.


There is too much too risk! Your logo is the most valuable aspect of your corporate brand & identity.


If you've never created a logo before, why start now? There is too much at stake and for just $250, Farin Innovations offers complete logo design services (100% custom) tailored to your company/idea/concept.

We provide 4 concepts and UNLIMITED REVISIONS --- that's right, UNLIMITED revisions until you are 100% Satisfied with your new Logo Design!

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