Social Networking Profiles Your Company Must Have This Year

Published February 21st, 2012 by Farin Innovations

Still not sure you need a website? Stop reading right here, because we’re going a lot further than that here. These days, a website just isn’t enough. The yellow pages are out the window. Instead, online profiles now reign supreme.

Phone books are gone in favor of Google people search. Having several profiles online is a must for a number of reasons including reputation management and SEO.  Here are just a few of the profiles you must consider having:


This site boasts 800 million users, and that number is growing every single day. Facebook is easily the obvious choice when you begin your foray into social networking. You have the ability to reach thousands every day. Every “like” you get means you’re reaching friends of friends of friends. You’re constantly expanding your reach. When you continually post relevant information like tips, advice, blogs, or even links, people will keep coming back and sharing that with their friends.


If Facebook is king of social media, Twitter is easily the up and coming rival. It’s the second largest social network, so if you’re going to go social this year, this must be part of your profile lineup. Be prepared, though. Maintaining a Twitter account is nowhere near as easy as maintaining your Facebook account. Facebook users are far more likely to hit that “Like” button than a Twitter users is to hit the “Follow” button. Twitter users demand consistent activity, so just building a profile isn’t going to do you a lot of good.


Just a month or so ago, this one wouldn’t have been on the radar, but thanks to the new search policies implemented by this industry giant, it has absolutely become one of the most important profiles you can have. Google will be listing the posts you make on the platform within its search results, but your Facebook posts, tweets, and other social media updates won’t appear in Google search results. Those Google+ updates, though, will appear in search engine rankings.

Google Places/Yahoo! Local

A local business listing can help people find you, and listing with both Google places and Yahoo! Local listing makes certain that both search engines know you’re still out there and doing business. This also helps to make certain that those searching from their smartphones will find you in the “near-by” listings. Imagine, for example, you run a pizza shop. You definitely want to appear in the listings so people can find you immediately. Make certain you check regularly for new reviews and updated contact information.

Sure, there are several other places that you probably need to consider listing your company with, but these are a good starting place. They can help you begin to build an online presence and reaching a large number of customers.

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