Swiss Army Knife Strategy: Integrating Your Website into One Functional Piece

Published October 24th, 2012 by Farin Innovations

Taking your website from a pile of unwieldy, unrelated “tools” to a functional, integrated package may seem like a daunting task – but don’t worry, it’s possible to streamline your site, creating a web presence that “unfolds” with intuitive grace.

The makers of the Swiss Army Knife have been doing it since 1891. You can, too.

Streamlining Your Site

These days, you can’t get along without a website. In 2012, maintaining an online presence for your business is crucial. Your website is your toolbox. The question isn’t whether you need those tools, but how you handle them.

You could spend all your time sorting through a box of mismatched wrenches, scissors and corkscrews to complete your daily tasks – or you could consolidate all those pieces into one elegant package, easy to use and simple to understand.

Which method sounds better?

Your customers will appreciate a compact, well-designed site that puts the right information at their fingertips. You’ll appreciate the superior functionality – and ease of use – that comes with a strong website design.

So where should you start?

Streamlining for Customers

The customer is king. So when you’re designing (or re-designing) your site, you should keep your audience’s needs foremost.

What are your customers looking for? What information would be most valuable to them? How can you help them access this information easily? How can you entice them to visit your website again?

A true “Swiss Army knife” website isn’t just an online storefront or cyber business card. It’s an informative, interactive space that engages customers’ attention and offers them valuable tools.

One way to streamline your site is to make sure that the information your customers are searching for is easily visible on the website. Answering basic product and logistics questions on your site is a smart move – because it frees up your company to focus on more important things.

A content management system (CMS) allows you to add new information to your site quickly and easily, updating information to reflect questions your customers or prospects are asking. Your CMS is an extremely valuable tool for your Swiss army knife.

Streamlining for You

Streamlining your website doesn’t just help your client base – it also gives you time, space and bandwidth to concentrate on improving your business. Hiring a team of expert programmers like Farin Innovations can save you an incredible amount of time – and, ultimately, money.

Adding some time-saving tools to your Swiss Army knife might be the smartest decision you’ve made in a long time. Here are a couple of examples of simple website changes that can make a huge difference to a business:

Downloadable forms.

Release, medical or application forms can be printed off your website, allowing customers to fill them out before visiting your location. Instant streamlining.

Automated quote systems.

 Your web design firm can build you an entire quote or application form system that automatically processes customer requests and tailors them to the individual consumer. Imagine how much time and headaches this system could save you.

These examples are just the tip of the blade, so to speak. An experienced web design firm like Farin Innovations can work with you to streamline your internal operations and create a custom system that manages your day-to-day logistics. It’s definitely worth it.

Shoot us a message today to start unfolding your Swiss Army knife. Farin Innovations, Inc. is a Miami website design and website development company that has been helping companies streamline business models since 1999.