Videos: Not Mandatory, but Important.

Published July 13th, 2012 by Farin Innovations

As internet speeds at homes have climbed exponentially, internet videos have been a social marketing tool that is used more and more.

Even a simple video that is between thirty and ninety seconds explaining what exactly it is that your company does can make the difference between a visitor hiring you and choosing not to. It is an ideal method to deliver information, and, if made correctly, it can be very easy to understand.

While informative videos are not absolutely germane to a successful company, and they do not work for all types of companies, they are certainly great to have if they fit into a site. They can, however, deliver information in a very efficient and timely manner that could catch a visitor’s eye.

Cater to Society

As technology spreads more and more, people are getting used to having information literally spoon-fed to them through videos and other means of non-reading communications. More and more people watch videos rather than reading, and you should capitalize on this trend by utilizing such videos on your site.

A video that combines entertainment with education about your company can be the “making” or “breaking” factor for your prospective client. If the client happens to not be literarily inclined, chances are that he or she would be far more likely to stay on your website to watch a small video than to click through many pages of mundane content.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

More than likely, you have heard of “KISS” before – Keep It Simple, Stupid. This acronym can be applied to creating a video for your site. You do not want to make your video have any non-essential information that could possibly cause boredom for the viewer. Rather, it is best to make the video as short as possible (about thirty to ninety seconds) while going through information at the quickest rate possible without confusing the viewer.

It’s important that you note the repetition in this article of “a thirty to ninety second video.” Any longer period of time can make your visitors lose interest, especially if the content does not seem entertaining to them (entertainment should not be the main purpose), and they could therefore not listen to the more important parts of the video.

Here are some examples of companies who convey their respective messages well using the aforementioned video format:

Our sister site –

Security Solutions provider --

Zagg Sparq, a mobile charging product --

The information of this article about the effectiveness came from studies from our website optimization team. Everyone in the web design world, from individuals to companies, are drawing conclusions from a plethora of A/B testing, which shows that these short videos lead to far more clients.

A/B Testing is a data-collecting method in which a professional analyst shows visitors different versions of a page, each attempting to convey the same message. All of the activity of the visitors on each respective version is recorder, such as time spent on the page, number of click-throughs, conversions, etc.

As mentioned earlier, videos are not imperative to every site, and they are not meant for every site. If you would like more click-throughs and conversions, however, you may want to consider giving video marketing a shot.

If your company is considering adding video marketing to its campaign, please give us a call and consult with professionals who have expertise in such marketing. We, Farin Innovations, are a web design and development company in Miami, Florida.