Why You Should Have a Mobile Website

Published October 12th, 2011 by Farin Innovations

It may seem that a mobile website is just your regular site opened on a mobile device, but this isn’t the case. A mobile site is specially created to be used on a phone, iPad or tablet.  Following are some reasons why you should make sure you have a mobile site.

Most mobile devices don’t play Flash-We’ve already discussed some of the drawbacks of Flash, and here is another: iPad users can’t access Flash sites. No matter how breathtaking your site might be, if an iPad or iPhone users tries to visit, it will not work. This could result in a lost sale. Perhaps that person wanted to check out your site while they were out and about the city. If they liked the site, they might have come in to take a look around, but because they couldn’t even get the page to load, they went somewhere else. Customer lost.

Mobile devices can’t read text images: If you have text images on your site, it may look cute and eye catching, but it isn’t practical for mobile devices. Smart phones will automatically link phone numbers and addresses so you can use them without even leaving the site. However, if you have this information as a text image, the phone will not be able to insert the links. It won’t even know what the images are.

Google, too, will have trouble with your site. It won’t be able to crawl your site and find the contact info. All it will find are useless images that it quickly skips over. Certainly, you don’t want Google to skip over your contact information. That is some of the most important information on your entire site.

Mobile sites serve a different purpose- Regular websites are full of tons of information. They are there to give customers access to all the information about your company they could possibly need. Mobile sites are different. No one goes on a mobile site because they want to read about your history. They go on to get short, quick bits of info, usually contact information like number, email or physical address.  You should make you mobile site with this in mind. Everything from your main site does not need to be included. Just the quick basics that help them get in contact with you.

For example, a restaurant’s mobile site only needs a menu, hours of operation, direction and phone number. Everything else should be left for the main site.

When choosing a mobile site creator, don’t just go with the first company that says they can do it. Search around before you make a decision. You don’t want to find out the hard way that you picked the wrong company. By then, it will be too late.

When considering companies, add Farin Innovations to the list. We are currently offering mobile websites for less than $50 a month, and there is no upfront cost. The total package includes a mobile design tailored to your brand, a content management system and all necessary content transfers. To get more information about our mobile services, email development@farininnovations.com and we’ll get back with you soon.